Winter 2013 Group Show // G16 Holiday Party

Ah, holiday season! For most people that phrase brings to mind time spent with family and parties, and things at Gallery 16 are no exception. For our winter show, we are including various artists from the G16 family. Featured in our Winter Group Show this year were the likes of Graham Gillmore, Alex Zecca, Michelle Grabner, Wayne Smith, Rex Ray, Amy Ellingson, Tucker Nichols, Thomas Heinser, Jered Sprecher, and papa bear Griff Williams.

TN - mp1109


Graham Gillmore, Op or Tunist, 2013 Acrylic on paper  44” x 30”









We really do feel like a family with the artists we represent, and we think they feel the same way - which is a great feeling and one that keeps us going, every day. Our family came together for our annual Gallery 16 Holiday Party on January 10th! The event, which was a benefit for the San Francisco Food Bank, featured not one but 3 of our musically talented "family" members: John Doe and the X, Virgil Shaw Band, and Marc Capelle, and the turnout was fantastic. Thanks to all who came for the good company and lively spirits. It was a great kick-off to 2014!

Check out the video of John Doe below!

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 4.57.30 PM