Tucker Nichols on Design Matters with Debbie Millman

We're pleased to share an excellent audio interview between Debbie Millman and Tucker Nichols, posted December 28 on Design Observer. Listen to the full interview here!


TN: "I don't care as much about what it's all for. I think I care less and less all the time - particularly in my studio when I'm painting or drawing - I think as time goes on I grant myself more and more permission to just let the thing become whatever it's become and then to be extremely rigid in my judging of that thing the next day. And if I don't like it, to kill it. And if I like it, to keep it, defend it protect it, whatever it needs. But at the time of making it I'm not really thinking. I'm thinking as little as possible. Or I'm trying to compress the amount of time that I spend when I'm making it into as tight as space as I possibly can. And sometimes that works out really well and sometimes it doesn't, but it can't afford attachment. That process gets poisoned by liking something as I'm making it. So, that just means theres a whole different wave that comes after thats about evaluating. And that process needs to be really close."

Debbie Millman

Tucker Nichols

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Tucker Nichols is an artist based in Northern California. His work has been featured at the Drawing Center in New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Denver Art Museum, Den Frie Museum in Copenhagen, and the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. His drawings have been published inMcSweeney's, The Thing Quarterly, Nieves Books and the Op-Ed pages of The New York Times. He is co-author of the books, Crabtreeand This Bridge Will Not Be Gray.

On this episode Debbie talks to artist Tucker Nichols about his art, and the quality of the art he loves. "What I care about is that there was something htat was driving them, that they couldn't have not done this if they wanted to. It had to happen."

Debbie Millman