November 13 - December 31, 2015

Gallery 16 is pleased to present it's first exhibition of work by Boston-based artist Josh Jefferson. This is the artist's first west-coast solo exhibition and will include works on paper, canvas and panel.

Jefferson has honed his medium by working with colored pencil, ink and gouache on blank pages removed from vintage books. With this combination of materials he achieves a rich, delicate surface that adds to the mystery and expressiveness of each image/head.


January 23 - March 17, 2016

German photographer Thomas Heinser, who lives in the Bay Area, looks like a formalist compared to Brodie. His recent work at Gallery 16, shot from a helicopter, looks at familiar terrain with a detachment that mere altitude cannot express. (His pictures differ from the aerial views of David Maisel at Haines Gallery almost as much as they do from Brodie's.)

The angle of vision in a picture such as "SF Bay_017" (2013) gives priority to the image's crossing diagonals: the Bay Bridge with a container ship cruising beneath it. But that formalism, which surfaces in other ways elsewhere in the show, evokes an almost agnosic viewpoint, one seeking meaning as much in the chance criss-cross of ship and bridge, as in their familiar utility. Several images of airport runways compose their markings as if they might yield a secret meaning, like land drawings of a lost civilization.


October 24-December 31, 2014

Gallery 16 is excited to announce its first show with Brooklyn based artist Reed Anderson. Having been long time admirers of Reed’s work, we couldn’t be happier to finally be working with him.

This is the first west coast show of the artists work in 4 years. Gallery 16 will present a major installation synthesizing of two recent series. The show will contain over 40 large scale works. He will present his exuberant cut paintings on paper and his ongoing “Papa Object” project.