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Alex Zecca New Work

March 20 - May 15, 2015

Opening reception on Friday March 20 from 6 – 9pm

Gallery 16 is pleased to present its sixth solo exhibition with artist Alex Zecca.

The new drawings and sculptures of Zecca's continue the artists obsessive and precise methodology. They are time-intensive, process-oriented works made through a laborious process of accumulating steady inked lines. Each vibrant abstraction is the literal record of thousands of painstakingly rendered marks.

Kenneth Baker wrote “Alex Zecca has long worked with such methodical consistency that I go to each new exhibition of his expecting to see more of the same. But he has not yet failed to surprise. You move around certain of Zecca's new works on paper expecting flickers of iridescence, so keenly do they recall the powdery luminosity of a butterfly wing or exotic plumage.”

My work’s central focus continues to be the result of cumulative action and precise structure. Each drawing implements a unique algorithm. The intersecting lines of which create organic Moire forms. - Alex Zecca